The Story of Aleppo

At the beginning of the Syrian uprising, Aleppo symbolized dissent to Assad rule culturally, with its unique plethora of artistic, cultural and civil society initiatives. The very same city that once represented hope is now the site of violence and despair.

The story of Aleppo needs to be told. Only by making sense of what happened to Aleppo and its people can we make sense of the lasting impact this loss for civilization will have in the world.

In its third annual edition, The Question of Syria will tell the Story of Aleppo during two days of talks, panel discussions, short film screenings, and music bringing together academics, activists and artists who will talk and reflect on Aleppo.


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About us

Established in May 2015, the Syrian Peace Action Center (SPACE) is a non-profit, independent association that focuses on providing room for Syrians and Syria with the aim of combating the violent fragmentation the people of Syria are undergoing. The underlying assumption that frames the work of SPACE is that the role of the people in political questions remains at bottom the main problem facing Syria today. SPACE emphasizes that the question of Syria can only be answered democratically, and that any narrative that excludes the people is ultimately an endorsement of undemocratic and inhumane processes. In 2011, for the first time since decades the Syrian people have reclaimed the public space and started constructing their narratives, gains we believe are irrevocable and are building blocks for a democratic and just Syrian society.