Closing Event: Talking Aleppo

In our closing event, we will have an informal gathering at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center to mingle and chat. Wind down over pop music fused with traditional Aleppian songs by DJ Daeva, chat with our guests and have a drink prepared for the occasion.

Aleppo: The Fall

Last year, one of the worst human tragedies took place in Aleppo. After a few months of siege and indiscriminate shelling, tens of thousands of people were evicted from the city. Beyond the horrific scenes of bombardment and forced mass eviction, little reflection has followed on how and why these violations happened and what the […]

Short Film: One Day in Aleppo

One Day in Aleppo by Ali Alibrahim After five months of the suffocating siege and daily bombings of the city of Aleppo, a group of children take it upon themselves to start painting colors in their city as a game in order to forget their daily struggles and to sow some optimism among the hundreds […]

Dancing in the Streets of Death - Wissam al-Jazairy

Aleppo: Revolutionary Culture

Long before March 2011, Syria was known as the “kingdom of silence”. All forms of artistic and public expression were controlled by the regime, only those who mastered the regime’s censorship rule-book managed to sneak in their subtle message through the many red lines. From the outset of the uprising against tyranny in 2011, public […]

Aleppo: The City

My Aleppo: When Memory Becomes Resistance – Lina Sergie Attar You know Aleppo as a vast landscape of bombed and burning historic buildings, cratered streets, and endless lines of fleeing, destitute families. But I will tell you about a time when things were different — when Aleppo was my home.   Since 2011, Syrians witnessed […]

Education Innovation for Syrian children and teenagers

The Syrian Peace Action Centre welcomes you to this seminar on innovative education programs for Syrian children and teenagers, with an emphasis on localizing innovations to ensure lasting impact. Program: Keynote speech by Lina Sergie Attar, co-founder and CEO of Karam Foundation Presentation of EduApp4Syria and initial findings from impact study by Liv Marte Nordhaug, […]